img.tfd.com_mosbycam_thumbs_500069-fx38.jpgThe coronal suture is a dense, fibrous connective tissue joint that separates the frontal bone and parietal bones of the skull.

The first step in the surgical planning is to know the localization of the coronal suture. According to the study of Sarmento et al the distance between the nasion and the coronal suture ranged from 11.5 to 13.5 cm (average 12.02 cm) 1). Although these measurements are in accordance to literature 2) 3) 4).

There are two possible deformities that can be caused by the premature closure of the coronal suture:

A high, tower-like skull called “oxycephaly

A twisted and asymmetrical skull called “plagiocephaly

Coronal suture derived from the paraxial mesoderm

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