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Faced with increasing pressure to reduce costs, hospitals must minimize waste through continuous improvement of patient safety and quality. Timely provision of process and outcome data from clinical quality registries to clinicians has been shown to drive such improvements in healthcare.

value = quality/cost.

see healthcare cost.

The Neurosurgical Quality and Outcomes Research Laboratory is dedicated to improving outcomes, functional capacity and quality of life in patients undergoing cranial and spinal neurosurgical interventions. Our laboratory focuses on development of risk-factor based predictive models for outcomes and costs, quality data on comparative and cost-effectiveness, assessment of regional and racial disparities to neurosurgical access, epidemiologic trend analyses, participation in clinical trials,and evaluating intensity of resource utilization in neurosurgery. The laboratory has led several projects utilizing data from large-scale national administrative databases and trauma registry. Efforts to participate in the National Neurosurgical Quality and Outcomes Database (N2QOD)are underway.

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