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Craniectomy complications classification

Gopalakrishnan et al., suggested that craniectomy complications be classified as those that occur in the first 4 weeks (early) and those that manifest later (late or delayed). Early complications, which occur in the first 4 weeks, are likely to happen while the patients is still at the hospital. Specific complications tend to occur during particular time periods and awareness of that information helps anticipate and treat them efficiently. Kurland et al. classified them as (i) hemorrhagic, (ii) infectious/inflammatory, and (iii) disturbances of the CSF compartment 1). They tabulated the overall average frequency of each of the complications from a total of 142 eligible reports of thousands of patients who underwent decompressive procedures. They found that one in ten patients who underwent DC develop a complication that required additional medical and/or neurosurgical intervention 2).

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