Craniopharyngioma Selected Works

1 Jakob Erdheim 1904 Hypophysengangsgeschwulste und Hirncholesteatome

Categorization of CPs as epithelial tumors of the infundibulum with 2 histologic types Embryologic pathogenesis from squamous cell remnants of the hypophyseal duct

2 & 3 Harvey Cushing 1932 Congenital Tumors Intracranial tumors. Notes on a series of 2000 verified cases with surgical mortality percentages pertaining thereto

The Craniopharyngiomas Papers relating to the pituitary body, hypothalamus, and parasympathetic nervous system

Pioneering surgical CP series (n ¼ 92) evidencing high mortality after radical removal of tumors tightly adhered to the basal hypothalamus (infundibulum and tuber cinereum) First comprehensive account of clinical symptoms derived from hypothalamic dysfunction caused by CPs developed at the infundibulotuberal region and 3V

4 Percival Bailey 1933 Craniopharyngiomas. Syndrome of the Hypothalamus Intracranial tumors

CPs are categorized as true hypothalamic tumors according to CP-brain relationships and clinical manifestations

5 Norman M. Dott 1938 Surgical Aspects of the Hypothalamus The hypothalamus, morphologic, functional, clinical, and surgical aspects First surgical CP series (n ¼ 4) demonstrating the feasibility of successful removal of CPs developed at the hypothalamus with the use of a staged FTV-transbasal approach

6 Oskar Hirsch 1959 Symptomatology and Treatment of Hypophyseal Duct Tumors (Craniopharyngiomas)

Pioneering surgical series (n ¼ 23) showing the successful removal of CPs using the endonasal transsphenoidal approach

7 D. Northfield 1973 Craniopharyngiomas The surgery of the nervous central system: a textbook for postgraduate students

Removal of CPs developed at the tuber cinereum associate a high morbimortality

8 William Sweet 1976 Radical Surgical Treatment of Craniopharyngioma

Fundamental concept that a nonfunctional gliotic layer separating the tumor from the hypothalamus can be used as a safe cleavage plane for CP resection

9 A. Konovalov 1981 Operative Management of Craniopharyngiomas

Comprehensive CP topographic classification based on type of 3V involvement (n ¼ 120)

100 Juraj Steno 1985 Microsurgical Topography of Craniopharyngiomas Necropsy series (n ¼ 30) evidencing the major category of CPs destroying the TVF, the group of extra-intraventricular CPs

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