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Desmoplastic medulloblastoma

Old term, see now Desmoplastic nodular medulloblastoma.

6 % similar to classic medulloblastoma with glomeruli AKA pale islands (collagen bundles and scattered, less celular areas). Marked tendency for neuronal differentiation. More common in adults. Prognosis controversial: may be the same 1) or less agressive 2) than classic medulloblastoma.

Classical and desmoplastic medulloblastomas (MBs) have been suspected to be biologically different, though comparative studies on markers of biological aggressiveness in these two variants are sparse in the literature. 87 classical and 43 desmoplastic variants of MB were studied with respect to clinical and histological characteristics, MIB-1 labeling index (MIB-1 LI), apoptotic index (AI), ratio of AI to MIB-1 LI, expression of p53 and Bcl-2 protein and 3-year progression-free survival. The only differences documented between the variants were with regard to age distribution and location. Thus, classical histology cases occurred predominantly in children and 80% were midline in location. In contrast, lateral location was seen more frequently with tumors of desmoplastic histology, which occurred in an almost equal distribution between children (56%) and adults (44%). No difference was noted between the variants with regard to proliferation index, apoptotic index, their ratio on or their molecular controls (p53 and Bcl-2). This was reflected in the clinical outcome wherein no significant difference was observed in the 3-year progression-free survival between the variants. It is concluded that the two histological variants of medulloblastoma are not different with regard to biological parameters of aggressiveness. The growth rate and clinical outcome in medulloblastomas have no correlation with the histological variant 3).

1) , 3)
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