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An editor is a person who edits or makes changes to documents.

see ICMJE.

The overall goal of the retraction process is to enforce academic integrity in scientific research and prevent the dissemination of erroneous or flawed data for the interests of readers, collaborators, and investigators who may otherwise cite these works. In 2009, the Committee on Publication and Ethics (COPE) published guidelines for journal editors regarding when certain articles should be considered for retraction. Among the reasons listed were plagiarism, the performance of unethical research, if findings were previously published elsewhere, or if there was clear evidence that the presented findings are unreliable, be it because of deliberate misconduct or honest experimental error 1)

Wager E, Barbour V, Yentis S, Kleinert S. Committee on Publication Ethics Retraction Guidelines [Internet]. London: Committee on Publishing Ethics; 2009.
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