EANO is the pan-European organisation that represents all the medical and scientific disciplines involved in the diagnosis and treatment of tumors of the nervous system. EANO exists to stimulate interaction and collaboration between those with an interest in neurooncology and provides educational activities through events such as the biennial EANO congresses and also via the EANO website.

EANO was established by formal constitution in Brussels in 1994 by a group of European neurooncologists who saw the need to have an official group to promote the role of, and to professionalise, neurooncology in Europe.

The idea to form EANO was first proposed in 1990 by G. Hildebrand, L. Salford, P. Krauseneck, J. Darling, B. Müller and A. Twijnstra. In 1992 Peter Krauseneck invited neurooncologists from all over Europe to Pommersfelden (Germany) to prepare the foundations of EANO through the nomination of an Ad Hoc Steering Board. In 1993 G. Hildebrand (Chairman of the Ad Hoc Steering Board) officialised EANO at Brussels with a preliminary bye-law. The first EANO Congress (organised by A. Twijnstra) was held in Maastricht in 1994, during which 180 of the participants established the Association by formal election.

Today EANO has over 500 members from more than 30 countries, both in Europe and further afield. Through its membership EANO cooperates with national groups and stimulates international cooperation in neurooncologic research and clinical training.

EANO has organised 8 biennial EANO scientific congresses (Maastricht 1994, Würzburg 1996, Versailles 1998, Copenhagen 2000, Florence 2002, Vienna 2006 and Barcelona 2008) and the joint EANO / World Federation for Neurooncology conference, which was held in Edinburgh in May 2005. The next EANO congress will be held in Maastricht in September 2010.

EANO is also involved in the organisation of the World Conference of Neurooncology, which have been held in Washington DC in 2002, Edinburgh in 2005 and in Yokohama 2009.

EANO Magazine

The EANO website is intended for use by medical professionals only.

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