Expandable cage

see Expandable titanium cage.

Design variations of expandable cages for vertebral body replacement do not show any significant effect on the biomechanical results. There was no significant difference found, between the biomechanical properties of expandable and non-expandable cages. After corporectomy, isolated implantation of expandable cages plus anterior plating was not able to restore normal stability of the motion segment. As a consequence, isolated anterior stabilization using cages plus LCDCP should not be used for vertebral body replacement in the thoraco-lumbar spine 1).

Khodadadyan-Klostermann C, Schaefer J, Schleicher P, Pflugmacher R, Eindorf T, Haas NP, Kandziora F. [Expandable cages: biomechanical comparison of different cages for ventral spondylodesis in the thoracolumbar spine]. Chirurg. 2004 Jul;75(7):694-701. German. PubMed PMID: 15258751.
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