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Falcine meningioma of the anterior third

Its a type of Falcine meningioma

Clinical Features

The falcine meningiomas arising anterior to the coronal suture are compromising relatively silent areas of the brain.

These tumors may be present as mass lesions with progressive organic mental syndromes and can be accompanied by generalized seizures, and sometimes with speech arrest, cognitive impairment such as amnesia and Weber syndrome has been also described in patients harboring falx meningiomas.


The falcine meningiomas arising anterior to the coronal suture are the simplest to handle, because they are situated in a region where the longitudinal sinus can be sacrificed if necessary in order to achieve their total removal.

The surgeon can be relatively aggressive with excision of the lateral walls of the longitudinal sinus and compromised falx because the whole dural venous sinus can be ligated in this area, with minimal neurological complications, even if it is patent. If the entire sinus is occluded and the falx is infiltrated, then an incision is developed in the dura on the contralateral side and the involved sinus and subadjacent infiltrated falx are excised in one segment. In such situations, the anterior and posterior aspects of the sinus are closed with stay sutures, passed through the falx beneath the inferior corner of the sinus, before excision of the sinus and residual meningioma.

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