Gehweiler classification of atlas fractures

The Gehweiler classification of atlas fractures described 5 types of fractures of the atlas. In addition, Dickman classified injuries of the transverse atlantal ligament (transverse band of the cruciform ligament) which has been incorporated into this classification system.

see Dickman Transverse Ligament Injuries Classification.

type 1: fractures of the anterior arch

type 2: fractures of the posterior arch and are usually bilateral

type 3: fractures involving the anterior and posterior arch (Jefferson fracture)

type 3a: intact transverse atlantal ligament

type 3b: disrupted transverse atlantal ligament complex

Dickman type 1: ligamentous disruption

Dickman type 2: bony avulsion with an intact ligament transverse atlantal ligament

type 4: fractures of the lateral mass

type 5: isolated fractures of the C1 transverse process 1).

Gehweiler JA, Osborne RL, Becker RF. The Radiology of Vertebral Trauma. St. Louis, MO: WB Saunders; 1980.
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