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 Suppl. 2 2010 S187–S189)). Suppl. 2 2010 S187–S189)).
-Beuriat et al. performed a literature review via PubMed and Google Scholar using the terms "[[Mayfield skull clamp]]", "​Sugita head holders",​ "head holder complications"​ and "skull clamp complications"​Twenty-six complications directly related to the use of head holders were identified through 19 papers published from 1981 to 2014: mainly skull fractures with or without a dural laceration (50%), epidural hematomas (23.8%), skull fractures with or without a dural laceration (50%), and air embolism (9.5%). The authors propose recommendations for the safe use of head holders +===== Head fixation device complications ===== 
-((Beuriat PA, Jacquesson T, Jouanneau E, Berhouma M. + 
-Headholders'​ - complications in neurosurgery:​ A review of the literature and +[[Head fixation device complications]]. 
-recommendations for its use. Neurochirurgie. 2016 Dec;​62(6):​289-294. doi: +
-10.1016/​j.neuchi.2016.09.005. Epub 2016 Nov 17. Review. PubMed PMID: 27865516. +
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