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 ====== Head Fixation in pediatric neurosurgery ====== ====== Head Fixation in pediatric neurosurgery ======
 ===== Complications ===== ===== Complications =====
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 see [[Head fixation device complications in pediatric neurosurgery]]. see [[Head fixation device complications in pediatric neurosurgery]].
-===== Case reports ===== 
-A 5-month-old girl with a growing lesion in the right thalamus and [[basal ganglia]] underwent [[stereotactic biopsy]], which disclosed an [[anaplastic astrocytoma]]. To avoid insertion of the four stereotactic frame fixation pins through the infant'​s skin and into bone, the pins were advanced into the hollowed end of rubber tops obtained from Vacutainer blood sampling tubes. The pressure applied to the skin was diffused through the rubber onto a wide skin surface, obviating skin puncture or bone deformation. This technique provided firm head fixation, and target accuracy was confirmed on postoperative imaging. This technique is safe and should permit the use of conventional stereotactic techniques in young infants 
-((Kondziolka D, Adelson PD. Technique of stereotactic biopsy in a 5-month-old 
-child. Childs Nerv Syst. 1996 Oct;​12(10):​615-8. PubMed PMID: 8934022. 
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