The upper part of the posterior district of the medulla oblongata is occupied by the inferior cerebellar peduncle (restiform body), a thick rope-like strand situated between the lower part of the fourth ventricle and the roots of the glossopharyngeal nerve and vagus nerve.

Fm: Foramen of Magendie; imv: inferior medullary velum; icp: inferior cerebellar peduncle; pica: posterior inferior cerebellar artery (third and forth segments) tc: tela chorioidea; tvj: telovelar junction ( yellow discontinous line).

Each cerebellar inferior peduncle connects the spinal cord and medulla oblongata with the cerebellum, and comprises the juxtarestiform body and restiform body.

Important fibers running through the inferior cerebellar peduncle include the spinocerebellar tract and axons from the inferior olivary nucleus, among others.

Ap: area postrema; icp: inferior cerebellar peduncle; lr: lateral recess; ms: median sulcus; scp: superior cerebellar peduncle; sf: superior fovea; sm: Medullary striae of fourth ventricle.

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