Intracranial aneurysm neck

Intracranial Aneurysm Neck Size

Intracranial Aneurysm Neck Size

The proposed aneurysm classification is based on the virtual surface of the aneurysm and the parent artery, the aneurysm neck was classified as follows: subtype I, the curved surface of the neck is a single curved surface; subtype II, the neck is hyperboloid; subtype III, neck is a three-curved surface. Aneurysms were divided into further subtypes according to the ratio of the width of the aneurysm neck surface and the length of the artery circumference: subtype A, the ratio of the aneurysm neck surface to the parent artery was not more than 0.5; subtype B, more than 0.5. There are some clamping methods include simple, sliding, interlocking and hybrid 1).

Wide-neck intracranial aneurysm

The Woven EndoBridge (WEB) (Sequent Medical, Aliso Viejo, California), is a ellipsoid braided-wire embolization device designed to provide flow disruption along the aneurysm neck 2).

The PulseRider Aneurysm Neck Reconstruction Device is intended for use with embolic coils in the treatment of intracranial aneurysms originating on or near a vessel bifurcation.

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