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Intracranial bruit

A bruit invariably accompanies the pulsating proptosis of a Carotid-cavernous fistula, usually due to a head injury or due to the rupture of a carotid aneurysm in the cavernous sinus. A bruit may also be heard in the presence of a cerebral angioma but absence of a murmur does not exclude such a lesion. It has also been found out that increased row will also occur and a bruit may be heard when one is in generalized conditions such as thyrotoxicosis, severe anemia, and advanced Paget's disease of the skull.

especially with dural AVMs

Vein of Galen malformation

Over 20 years ago, Charles Warlow, the founding editor of Practical Neurology, offered a copy of his stroke textbook to anyone diagnosing an intracranial arteriovenous malformation by auscultation of the skull alone 1).

Larner AJ. Intracranial bruit: Charles Warlow's challenge revisited. Pract Neurol. 2021 Dec 1:practneurol-2021-003226. doi: 10.1136/practneurol-2021-003226. Epub ahead of print. PMID: 34853127.
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