Intracranial cyst

see also Posterior fossa cyst.

Intracranial cyst differential diagnosis.

A intracranial cyst in the brain are one of the most attractive targets for a minimally invasive procedure, thus avoiding conventional craniotomy.

Cysts and cystic-appearing intracranial masses have a broad imaging and pathologic spectra.

Osborn and Preece reviewed the pathologic findings, origin, radiologic appearance, and differential diagnosis of many different intracranial cysts. A diagnostic algorithm based on most common anatomic locations is presented that helps narrow the differential diagnosis 1).

Osborn AG, Preece MT. Intracranial cysts: radiologic-pathologic correlation and imaging approach. Radiology. 2006 Jun;239(3):650-64. Review. PubMed PMID: 16714456.
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