Intracranial metastases

see Brain metastases.

see Posterior fossa metastases

Deciding which of the following tests are needed to evaluate a patient with multiple intracranial lesions must be individualized for the appropriate clinical setting.

1. cardiac echo: to R/O SBE that could shed septic emboli

2. “Intracranial metastases workup” including:

a) CT of chest/abdomen/pelvis with and without contrast: has become a relatively standard part of the metastatic workup. It has largely supplanted CXR, lower GI (barium enema) and IVP.


● Chest: R/O primary bronchogenic Ca or pulmonary metastases of another Ca. Can demonstrate mediastinal lymphadenopathy. Also to R/O pulmonary abscess that could shed septic emboli

● Assesses for possible primary lesions: e.g. kidneys, GI, prostate

● Evaluates for metastases to liver, adrenal, and even spine

b) mammogram in women

c) PSA in men

see Intracranial metastases differential diagnosis.

see Intracranial metastases treatment.

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