Johns Hopkins Hospital

Thanks to Harvey Williams Cushing, The Johns Hopkins Hospital became the birthplace of effective neurosurgery more than a century ago. Thanks to Walter Dandy, Johns Hopkins became the birthplace of daring and imaginative neurosurgery.

Johns Hopkins Hospital, considered one of the top hospitals in the USA, is a leader in numerous specialties, including neurosurgery and spine. For 2012-13, U.S. News & World Report ranked Johns Hopkins first in the country for comprehensive neurosurgery treatment. Johns Hopkins was the first hospital to pioneer a neurological critical care unit, and its physicians perform some of the newest and most complex neurosurgical procedures.

Henry Brem, M.D., director of the Department of Neurosurgery.

Ben Carson, MD — ex director of Johns Hopkins' Division of Pediatric Neurosurgery and a Presidential Medal of Freedom recipient — is internationally known as the first surgeon to separate conjoined twins, who were joined at the back of the head.

Walter Edward Dandy was associated with the Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine and the Johns Hopkins Hospital his entire medical career.

Johns Hopkins Hospital Publications

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