Born 1947 is a Finnish neurosurgeon, chairman and professor of the neurosurgery department in Helsinki University Hospital, Töölö.

He has a special interest in cerebrovascular diseases that are surgically amenable, especially aneurysms and AVMs. He has published extensively and is widely cited within this particular domain of neurosurgery.

1973 Medical Doctor (MD) 1979 Doctor of Medical Science (PhD) 1998 Professor in Neurosurgery

Specialization 1979 Specialization in Neurosurgery 1987 Associate Professor

1979-1983 Senior consultant in neurosurgical departments (Helsinki, Kuopio and Uppsala) 1983-1991 Assistant Chief Physician, Neurosurgery Department, Kuopio University Hospital 1991-1992 Chief Physician, Neurosurgery Department, Kuopio University Hospital 1992-1993 Research and Teaching Fellow, Neurosurgery Department, University of Miami 1993-1997 Chief Physician of Neurosurgery Department, Kuopio University Hospital 1997 Chairman, Department of Neurosurgery in Helsinki University Hospital, Töölö

Memberships in scientific advisory boards 1999- Member of International Advisory Board, Neurosurgery 1999-2008 Member of International Advisory Board, Surgical Neurology 2002 Member of International Advisory Board, Zentralblatt für Neurochirurgie 2008- Associate Editor, Surgical Neurology

Supervisor for 8 doctoral dissertations Co-supervisor for 5 doctoral dissertations General Secretary for 2 International Congresses: 40th Annual Meeting of the Scandinavian Neurosurgical Society, Kuopio 1989 and EANS Winter Meeting Kuopio, Finland, 1994

Personal neurosurgical operative experience 14,000 operations including: cerebral aneurysm >4,000 patients intracranial AVM and DAVF >500 patients brain tumour >3,000 patients head injury >600 patients cervical spine >800 patients lumbar spine >300 patients spinal tumour >300 patients

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