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Kinevo 900

Robotic Visualization System™ – KINEVO® 900 from ZEISS optical and digital visualization modalities

Surgeon-Controlled Robotics to gain greater certainty in a virtually disruption-free workflow.

Mount Sinai Hospital is one of the first U.S. hospitals to use the Zeiss Kinevo 900 microscope, a robotic visualization system with 4K resolution and 3D visualization.

Here are five things to know:

1. The system works by streaming optical, navigation, and simulation information into the microscope's eyepiece and projecting it on large monitors in the operating room so providers can view the images in real time.

2. The Kinevo 900 uses an open interface that enables integration with navigation and image-guided software developed Brainlab and Surgical Theater.

3. According to Joshua B. Bederson, MD, professor and system chair for the Mount Sinai Health System neurosurgery department and clinical director of the neurosurgery simulation core, an advantage to projecting real-time images of the brain onto a video screen is that information sources external to the microscope can be overlaid on the monitor.

4. The Kinevo 900 offers PointLock, a specialized robotic control system which is designed to enable surgeons to focus on a particular point in the surgical field and move the microscope in a spherical arch with the use of a foot pedal. This is intended to enable safe navigation around the patient intraoperatively instead of repositioning the patient.

5. The system features PositionMemory, which stores magnification and focus settings for key brain regions, and a micro-inspection surgical tool called QEVO that is engineered with an angled design to allow surgeons to look around complex structures out of the microscope's range.

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