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In Korea, prior to 1945, neurosurgery was not built up yet, and it was a part of the general surgery just like as orthopedic surgery, thoracic surgery, and plastic surgery. The surgical landscape of Korea began changing in 1945, as United States of America (U.S.) troop started being stationed in the country. Surgical specialties began to develop in 1950, with the participation of the United States in the Korean War, to provide surgical treatment, including neurosurgery, for wounded soldiers whose injuries were classified according to their anatomical location 1).

The military surgeons working at the U.S. Mobile Army Surgical Hospital, evacuation and field hospitals, and the Army Hospital in Seoul had excellent surgical skills, levels, and access to equipment and treated their Korean counterparts with courtesy and respect. Some of the Korean military surgeons were given the opportunity to go to the Third U.S. Army General Hospital in the United States to acquire expertise in surgical techniques 2) 3).

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