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Korean Spinal Neurosurgery Society

In October 1987, based on the individual initiatives of Professors Hwan Yung Chung and Young Soo Kim, a group of founding members of the Korean Spinal Neurosurgery Research Society was set up to improve clinical and basic research in spinal neurosurgery and promote academic exchanges and social interactions among members. An application for approving a new society was submitted to the Korean Neurosurgical Society, and on October 22, 1987, the application was approved in a complete meeting of the board of directors of the Korean Neurosurgical Society. Further, the Korean Spinal Neurosurgery Society (KSNS) was reported to the regular annual meeting held on October 23, 1987 as the third research society to be launched under the umbrella of the Korean Neurosurgical Society, following the Korean Cerebrovascular diseases Research Group and Korean Pediatric Neurosurgery Research Society. The inaugural meeting of the Korean Spinal Neurosurgery Research Society was held on December 19, 1987 in Hanyang University Medical Center in tandem with the first academic conference, in which 58 neurosurgeons participated and 8 conference papers were presented At the inaugural meeting, Professor Hwan Yung Chung was elected as the first president of the Korean Spinal Neurosurgery Research Society, and Professor Young Soo Kim was elected as the directorgeneral of the society. In addition, Sang Jin Kim, Soo-Han Kim, Jae Hong Sim, Hyun Jib Kim, Bark Jang Byun, Jung-Keun Suh, Myung Soo Ahn, and Mun Bae Ju were elected as managing directors, and Sun Kil Choi and Sang Won Lee were elected as auditors. Further, 23 members headed by In Hong Kim were elected as directors 1). 2).

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