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Lateral supraorbital approach for Craniopharyngioma

LSO approach has a similar surgical effect to the standard pterional approach, but it can significantly shorten the operation time, and reduce surgical trauma and the incidence of complications. Therefore, LSO provides another alternative to the surgical approach for microsurgical removal of craniopharyngioma 1).

The resection of tumors at the sellar region via the lateral supraorbital approach is efficient, simple, and minimally invasive, which can make the removal of the tumors reliably and safely. It is worthy to be popularized clinically 2).

Although the endoscopic transnasal approach has developed in leaps and bounds in the last decade, other transcranial approaches maintain their value. The supraorbital endoscopic approach is a minimally invasive approach and seems to be optimal for those lesions wider than 2 cm in the lateral extension and for all the paramedian lesions. 3).

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