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Lingual gyrus

The lingual gyrus is a brain structure that is linked to processing vision, especially related to letters. It is thought to also play a role in analysis of logical conditions (i.e. logical order of events) and encoding visual memories. The lingual gyrus is named after the shape it most closely resembles - the tongue.

Contrary to the name, the region has little to do with speech.

Operations on tumors of the lingual gyri, are challenging to perform because of the deep-seated location of these tumors between critical cisternal neurovascular structures and the adjacent temporal and occipital cortexes.

Traditional surgical approaches require temporal or occipital transgression, retraction, or venous sacrifice. These approaches may result in unintended complications that should be avoided. To avoid these complications, the supracerebellar transtentorial approach to this region has been used as an effective alternative treatment in adult patients

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