Lumbar disc

The intervertebral disc (IVD) is a joint unique in structure and functions. Lying between adjacent vertebrae provides both the primary support and the elasticity required for the spine to move stably. Various aspects of IVD have long been studied by researchers seeking a better understanding of its dynamics, aging, and subsequent disorders. In a paper, Ghannam et al., review the surgical anatomy, imaging modalities, and molecular biology of the lumbar IVD 1).

Studies have shown that lumbar discs do not always narrow with age, implying that a process other than aging is in work 2)

Physicians need standard terms for normal and pathological conditions of lumbar discs 3) 4) 5) 6).

The lumbar intervertebral discs are supplied by a variety of nerves. The posterior aspects of the discs and the posterior longitudinal ligament are innervated by the sinuvertebral nerves. The posterolateral aspects of the discs receive branches from adjacent ventral primary rami and from the grey rami communicantes near their junction with the ventral primary rami. The lateral aspects of the discs receive other branches from the rami communicantes. Some rami communicantes cross intervertebral discs and are embedded in the connective tissue of the disc deep to the origin of psoas. Such paradiscal rami are likely to be another source of innervation to the discs. The anterior longitudinal ligament is innervated by recurrent branches of rami communicantes 7).

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