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McGregor's line

The McGregor line is a modification of the Chamberlain’s line and is used in the evaluation of basilar invagination when the opisthion is not identified on plain radiography.

It refers to a line connecting posterior edge of the hard palate to the most caudal point of the occipital curve. If the tip of the dens lies more than 4.5 mm above this line it is indicative of basilar invagination.


The slope of the line of sight and McGregor's line (McGS) correlated strongly with Chin brow vertical angle (CBVA) and can be used as surrogate measures. The range of values for these measures corresponding to low disability was identified. These values can be used as a general guideline to assess alignment for diagnostic purposes. Cervical compensatory mechanism may modify the natural head position in sagittally misaligned patients 1).

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