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Mitochondrial dysfunction

Mitochondrial dysregulation is a pivotal hallmark of aging-related disorders. Although there is a considerable understanding of the molecular counteracting responses toward damaged mitochondria, the molecular underpinnings connecting the abnormal aggregation of mitochondrial precursor protein fragments and abrogation of mitochondrial import machinery are far from clear. Proteasomal-dependent degradation was unveiled as a pivotal fine-tuner of TOM machinery-dependent mitochondrial import 1).

Mitochondrial dysfunction occurs when the mitochondria do not work as well as they should due to another disease or condition.

Mitochondrial dysfunction is characterised by an increased Lactate to Pyruvate Ratio (LP ratio) signifying a shift in cytoplasmatic redox state at normal or elevated Partial pressure of brain tissue oxygen . The condition is biochemically characterised by a marked increase in cerebral lactate with a normal or elevated pyruvate level. The metabolic pattern is different from cerebral ischemia, which is characterised by simultaneous decreases in intracerebral pyruvate and PbtO2 . The study supports the hypothesis that cerebral ischemia and mitochondrial dysfunction may be identified and separated at the bedside by utilising intracerebral microdialysis 2).

In a study of Engquist et al. from Uppsala, CBF was assessed by bedside xenon CT at days 0-3, 4-7, and 8-12, and the cerebral metabolic state by cerebral microdialysis (CMD), analyzing glucose, lactate, pyruvate, and glutamate hourly. At clinical suspicion of DCI, HHH therapy was instituted for 5 days. Cerebral blood flow measurements and CMD data at baseline and during HHH therapy were required for study inclusion. Non-DCI patients with measurements in corresponding time windows were included as a reference group.

In DCI patients receiving HHH therapy (n = 12), global cortical CBF increased from 30.4 ml/100 g/min (IQR 25.1-33.8 ml/100 g/min) to 38.4 ml/100 g/min (IQR 34.2-46.1 ml/100 g/min; p = 0.006). The energy metabolic CMD parameters stayed statistically unchanged with a Lactate to Pyruvate Ratio of 26.9 (IQR 22.9-48.5) at baseline and 31.6 (IQR 22.4-35.7) during HHH. Categorized by energy metabolic patterns during HHH, no patient had severe ischemia, 8 showed derangement corresponding to mitochondrial dysfunction, and 4 were normal. The reference group of non-DCI patients (n = 11) had higher CBF and lower L/P ratios at baseline with no change over time, and the metabolic pattern was normal in all these patients.

Global and regional CBF improved and the cerebral energy metabolic CMD parameters stayed statistically unchanged during HHH therapy in DCI patients. None of the patients developed metabolic signs of severe ischemia, but a disturbed energy metabolic pattern was a common occurrence, possibly explained by mitochondrial dysfunction despite improved microcirculation 3)


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