Mixed density chronic subdural hematoma

Computed Tomography for chronic subdural hematoma frequently appears to be mixed density.

Acute trauma on the patients with chronic subdural hematoma may develop acute bleeding over the cSDH, which would produce mixed density

Repeated episodes of acute bleeding may result mixed densities of SDH. In other words, mixed density suggests multiple episodes of trauma 1).

Theoretically, the mixed density results from three hypotheses. The first situation is in hyper-acute bleeding; the difference between solid clot and liquid blood may produce the mixed density 2).

The second situation is in subacute subdural hematoma; resolving hematoma may appear peripheral hypodensity with central hyperdensity during transitional period 3).

Extra-axial hematoma in the right convexity, up to 1.5 cm thick and with mixed density (hypodense in its anterior aspect and with hyperdense foci in its interior) of probable acute chronology (it was not present in a CT scan of 4 months ago and no other TBI has been reported since then) without being able to rule out rebleeding of chronic hematoma.

The hematoma conditions a mass effect on the surrounding parenchyma, with partial compression of the right lateral ventricle and a midline shift of 4 mm

If mixed computed tomography (CT) density is found, burr hole hematoma evacuation is prone to recurrence. Endoscopic examination of the hematoma cavity provides a novel strategy 4).

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