Mizuho America partnered with Dr. Kelly and his team at St. John’s Health center to deliver a comprehensive set of instruments for ENT and neurosurgeons that practice a bi-manual endoscopic transsphenoidal approach.

T2 Titanium Clips

Single Shaft Clip Appliers

Fukushima Keyhole T2 Clip Appliers

Anastomosis Clip Set

Sugita AVM Clips and Applier

Sugita Elgiloy Aneurysm Clips

Spetzler T2 Applier Rack

T2 Titanium Clips

  Cohen Microscissors
  Lawton Neurovascular Bypass Instruments
  Evans Rotatable Endoscopic and Cranial Instruments
  Nano Instruments
  Kelly Endonasal Endoscopic Set
  Kelly Endonasal Set
  Kelly Select Set
  Kelly Keyhole Set
  Micro Scissors
  Skull Base Instruments
  Cerebellar Pontine Tumor Instruments
  Kerrison Rongeurs

Neurosurgical Tables

Sugita Head Frames

Freedom Clamp and Accessories

Surgical Doppler Systems

Feather Blades and Handles

Suction Tubes

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