Multicentric glioma

Some of the following terms are inconsistently used interchangeably: “multicentric glioma,” “multifocal glioma,” and “multiple glioma”.

Multicentric gliomas are considered to be well recognized but uncommon; often scatter widely in different lobes or hemispheres; and cannot be attributed to a definite pathway 1).

Multifocal gliomas are the result of dissemination of glioma cells from a primary focus to other parenchymal areas via the cerebrospinnal fluid (CSF), meninges or white matter tracts.

According to the classification of Budka, multifocal gliomas are further grouped into 4 categories: diffuse, multiple, multicentric, and multiple-organ. MCGs can also be separated by time of occurrence.

see Multicentric glioblastoma.

see Multifocal glioma.

Maurizio S, Emanuela C, Epimenio RO, et al. Multicentric gliomas: our experience in 25 patients and critical review of the literature. Neurosurg Rev 2003; 26: 275-279.
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