The particular localization of the nasal cavity bounded above by the anterior cranial fossa, laterally by the orbit and the maxillary sinus, and below by the hard palate, provides an excellent surgical corridor to approach the majority of the skull base lessions. The expanded endoscopic endonasal approach requires the acquisition of new endoscopic anatomical knowledge. A good understanding of the osseous relationships of the nasal cavity is therefore first needed.

Located in the upper mid-third of the face, the nasal cavity, is made up by a complex articulation of cranial and facial bones that articulate each other around the ethmoid bone.

The anatomy of the lateral wall of the nasal cavity is highly complex and variable.

The superior and the middle turbinates are components of the ethmodial complex whereas the inferior turbinate is a separate bone. Beneath each turbinate is a meatus, named according to the turbinate just above it.

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