Network meta-analysis,Bayesian%20framework%20using%20example%20data.

Network meta-analysis is a technique for comparing multiple treatments simultaneously in a single analysis by combining direct and indirect evidence within a network of randomized controlled trials.

Network meta-analysis may assist assessing the comparative effectiveness of different treatments regularly used in clinical practice, and therefore has become attractive among clinicians. However, if proper caution is not taken in conducting and interpreting network meta-analysis, inferences might be biased. The aim of Rouse et al. in a paper was to illustrate the process of network meta-analysis with the aid of a working example on first-line medical treatment for primary open-angle glaucoma. They discussed the key assumption of network meta-analysis, as well as the unique considerations for developing appropriate research questions, conducting the literature search, abstracting data, performing qualitative and quantitative synthesis, presenting results, drawing conclusions, and reporting the findings in a network meta-analysis 1).

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