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Neurosurgical teaching

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R, Kordis P, Patel S, Grover V, Kuchyn I, Bielka K, Aidoni Z, Grosomanidis V, Kotzampassi K, Stavrou G, Fyntanidou B, Patsatzakis S, Skourtis C, Lee SD, Williams K, Weltes ID, Berhane S, Arrowsmith C, Peters C, Robert S, Caldas J, Panerai RB, Robinson TG, Camara L, Ferreira G, Borg-Seng-Shu E, De Lima Oliveira M, Mian NC, Santos L, Nogueira R, Zeferino SP, Jacobsen Teixeira M, Galas F, Hajjar LA, Killeen P, McPhail M, Bernal W, Maggs J, Wendon J, Hughes T, Taniguchi LU, Siqueira EM, Vieira Jr JM, Azevedo LC, Ahmad AN, Abu- Habsa M, Bahl R, Helme E, Hadfield S, Loveridge R, Shak J, Senver C, Howard- Griffin R, Wacharasint P, Fuengfoo P, Sukcharoen N, Rangsin R, Sbiti-Rohr D, Schuetz P, Na H, Song S, Lee S, Jeong E, Lee K, Cooper M, Milinis K, Williams G, McCarron E, Simants S, Patanwala I, Welters ID, Zoumpelouli E, Volakli EA, Chrysohoidou V, Georgiou S, Charisopoulou K, Kotzapanagiotou E, Panagiotidou V, Manavidou K, Stathi Z, Sdougka M, Salahuddin N, AlGhamdi B, Marashly Q, Zaza K, 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