NICO Corporation, formed in October 2007, is dedicated to developing technology for the field of corridor surgery, including Cranial, ENT, Spinal and Otolaryngology where access to the surgical site is limited. Our technology and products are designed to progress corridor surgery by creating instruments that allow for access through smaller openings and resection of soft tissue abnormalities.

BrainPath endoport system

Myriad® The NICO Myriad system consists of the console, handpieces and ancillary products. All NICO Myriad handpieces have a side mouth cutting and aspiration aperture located .6mm from the blunt end that allows for tissue removal without injury to adjacent critical structures.1 The NICO Myriad handpieces are available in 11, 13, 15, 17 and 19 gauges and a variety of lengths.

1McLaughlin N, Ditzel Filho LF, Prevedello DM, Kelly DF, Carrau RL, and Kassam AB. Side-Cutting Aspiration Device for Endoscopic and Microscopic Tumor Removal, Journal of Neurological Surgery: Skull Base. Vol. 73, p. 11. February 2012. Myriad_11g_handpiece Myriad_console Myriad Photo Gallery View Myriad Brochure TRIO Glamor shot The TRIOwand will be commercially available in 2016. TRIOwand Photo Gallery TRIOwandTM Fluid management wand to keep surgical field clear through three functions:


Fixed V-shaped electrode design able to address a wide range of micro-vascular structures with precision and control Up-toe position for ideal visualization down narrow corridors ASPIRATION

Variable aspiration achieved via the slider Beveled tip on suction channel, along with the irrigation, helps prevent the opportunity for occlusion IRRIGATION

Two irrigation channels:

Controlled drip channel that continuously washes over electrodes during use, reducing the opportunity for carbonization and tissue adhesion Flush channel to deliver larger amount of fluid to clear the surgical field Tissue Preservation SystemTM Tissue that is removed is captured and uniquely preserved in a sterile, closed system and may enable the pursuit of regenerative medicine options.

The Tissue Preservation System is a unique and proprietary ancillary product to the NICO Myriad. It connects to the Myriad’s handpiece to capture resected tissue as a closed tissue capture system. TP1 TP3 Tissue Preservation System Photo Gallery NICO fluid system cropped[1] Fluid System Photo Gallery View Fluid System Brochure Fluid SystemTM The NICO Fluid System is part of the NICO family of products that provide surgeons and OR staff with simple solutions to unmet needs in the surgical environment.

The NICO Fluid System provides controlled irrigation to the surgical site and refills automatically after each syringe compression. The extended tubing allows for fluid to be directly drawn from the warming bath to deliver fluid at a more consistent temperature.

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