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The Oxford Handicap Scale

The Oxford Handicap Scale is a simple means of grading patient handicap. It is a modification of the Rankin scale that has been used for evaluating patients following stroke in England (Oxfordshire). The score can be followed over time to monitor a patient's condition and response to interventions.


Lifestyle  Grade


no change  0

minor symptoms

no interference  1  minor handicap

some restrictions but able to look after self

2  moderate handicap

significant restriction; unable to lead a totally independent existence (requires some assistance)


moderate-to-severe handicap

unable to live independently but does not require constant attention  4

severe handicap

totally dependent; requires constant attention day and night  5  References: Bamford JM Sandercock PAG et al. Letter to the Editor: Interobserver agreement for the assessment of handicap in stroke patients. Stroke. 1989; 20: 828 (Table 2).

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