The pars orbitalis connects with the lateral orbital gyrus. This connection occurs anterior to the insula so that operating through these gyri provides an ideal pathway to anterior insular tumors. Additionally, there is usually a prominent subarachnoid space below the tip of the pars triangularis, providing a passage into the sylvian fissure.

Cortex inferior and anterior to the horizontal ramus of the lateral fissure).

The bone flap has been removed and the dura mater has been opened as a flap pediculated towards the greater sphenoid wing previously roungered to improve parasellar visualization. Sylvian fissure, Inferior frontal gyrus, Superior temporal gyrus and Middle temporal gyrus are exposed. Three pars of parasylvian inferior frontal gyrus must be distinguished: pars orbitalis (pOr) in relation to the orbital roof; pars triangularis (pT) the widest area of sylvian fissure (good place for start opening of sylvian fissure); pars opercularis (pOp) where Broca’s Area is located.

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