The PDQ-39 is primarily used in clinical trials of therapeutics intended to benefit individuals with Parkinson’s disease.

The PDQ is the most comprehensive Parkinson’s disease assessment questionnaire because it is:

simple to complete so benefits from an excellent response rate, proven by validation and feasibility studies (reported in the manual) covering topics such as cross-cultural evaluation, supported by a comprehensive 114 page user manual, available in over 80 language versions, available in the 39-point PDQ-39 or the short form PDQ-8 (8 items), can be supported by expert advice available from the developers for the use, delivery and data assessment of the PDQ. The PROs PDQ-39 There are 39 questions in the long form Parkinson's Disease Questionnaire, with 8 discrete scales:

mobility (10 items) activities of daily living (6 items) emotional well-being (6 items) stigma (4 items) social support (3 items) cognitions (4 items) communication (3 items) bodily discomfort (3 items) Patients are asked to think about their health and general well-being and to consider how often in the last month they have experienced certain events (e.g. difficulty walking 100 yards). Patients are asked to indicate the frequency of each event by selecting one of 5 options (likert Scale): never/occasionally/sometimes/often/always or cannot do at all.

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