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Peripheral nerve surgery

Degeneration – Peripheral nerve injury – regeneration

Nerve Repair (direct, graft, etc.)

Nerve Transfer

Nerve Decompression

Brachial Plexus

Supraclavicular and infraclavicular access – plexus dissection – Nerve transfer for upper plexus lesions.

Radial nerve.

Median nerve: Carpal tunnel decompression

Ulnar nerve: Ulnar nerve decompression

Anterior interosseus nerve: Anterior interosseus nerve decompression

Sciatic nerve – tibial nerve- superficial and deep peroneal nerve, sural nerve – microneurololysis – end to end suture after transection lesion – sural nerve graft.

Peroneal nerve- Peroneal nerve exploration, nerve anastomosis.

Tibial nerve

Meralgia Paresthetica – Mortons metatarsalgia – Tarsal tunnel syndrome.

Thoracic outlet syndrome.

Upper plexus – scalenotomy – cervical rib.

Nerve Transfers

Brachial Plexus Injury

Nerve grafts.

Fascicular dissection– interfascicular nerve graft, nerve grafting for complete plexus lesions.


Arm and Elbow

Forearm and Wrist


Lower Leg and Ankle

Adjunct Procedures

Nerve Graft Harvests

Tendon Transfers

Free Muscle Transfers


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