Peripheral vascular disease

Peripheral vascular disease may result in clinical limb pain or ischemic ulcers.

Painful limb ischemia from inoperable peripheral vascular disease is a possible indication for Spinal cord stimulation.

A review of six controlled studies of nearly 450 patients, SCS + medical treatment was compared to medical treatment alone. Although there was no significant difference in ulcer healing, the use of analgesics was less and limb salvage after 12 months was significantly higher in the SCS group (relative risk = 0.71) 1).

Nowadays nurse practitioners are working in several acute hospital settings in different specialized departments. For decades, studies have shown the implications of nurse practice in peripheral vascular disease (PVD) and peripheral vascular intervention (PVI) to have several major benefits. However, there are very limited studies and data on this particular aspect. In this literature review, we briefly discuss the implication of nursing practice in PVD/PVI. This review briefly shows that nursing practice has a major contribution and implication in the treatment of patients with PVD or PVI, especially in patients with diabetes mellitus. From available research, we briefly discuss the implication of nursing practice pre- and postoperatively for PVI. Nurses also contribute significantly in catheter-directed thrombolytic therapy, in smoking cessation programs organized for patients with PVD, and in screening patients for PVD. The vascular nurse practitioners are also involved in providing healthcare advice in order to reduce the risk of disease progression. The major lack of research in this particular field should further inspire scientists to develop and carry out research to further investigate and demonstrate the contribution of nurses in the treatment and management of PVD or PVI, which is gradually becoming a major issue 2).

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