Petrous apex lesion

Petrous apex lesions are defined differently by otologists and neurosurgeons. Traditionally, otologists consider petrous apex lesions as those involving bone erosion or the petrous bone itself (e.g., congenital cholesteatomas, facial nerve neurinomas, and cholesterol granulomas). Neurosurgeons include other lesions related to the petrous apex; they do not necessarily involve bone erosion (e.g., petroclival meningiomas, trigeminal schwannomas)

There is a wide differential diagnosis of petrous apex lesions:

asymmetrical marrow

petrous apex cephalocoele

petrous apicitis

Petrous bone cholesteatoma.

cholesterol granuloma: most common cystic appearing lesion

mucocoele of petrous apex

Petrous apex meningioma.


Skull base chondrosarcoma: most common solid lesion

Skull base chordoma: tends to be more midline but can involve the petrous apex


Metastatic lesion

Langerhans cell histiocytosis

Aneurysm of terminal internal carotid artery.

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