Petrous bone meningioma classification

Bricolo et al. 1) divided posterior petrous meningiomas into tumors anterior to the IAC and tumors posterior to the IAC. D

Desgeorges et al. refined this description when they introduced the A-M-P classification:

Petrous bone meningiomas were classified into 3 types following the Desgeorges classification, 2) which is based on the tumor's dural attachment to the posterior petrous bone surface:

Type A (anterior) meningiomas originate from the petrous apex. see petrous apex meningioma.

Type M (middle) meningiomas originate at the level of the internal auditory canal (IAC)

Type P (posterior) meningiomas develop from the posterior part of the petrous bone, between the posterior wall of the IAC and the groove of the sigmoid sinus.

see Posterior petrous bone meningioma.

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