Posterior petrous bone meningioma classification

see also petrous bone meningioma classification

Qu et al., according to clinical manifestations and radiological images, classified posterior petrous meningiomas into three types: type I (cerebellar type; 12 patients), tumours involved and compressed the cerebellum; type II (cranial nerve type; 16 patients), tumours involved the cranial nerves; and type III (combined type; 14 patients), tumours involved more than one structure such as the cerebellum, cranial nerves and the brain stem. All patients underwent microneurosurgery and the total resection rate was 90%. It was more difficult totally to resect type II and III tumours than type I tumours and the post-operative functional outcomes were worse. Microneurosurgical techniques and skills are critical to increase the total resection rate of posterior petrous meningiomas in order to decrease the mortality and disability rates 1).

Qu FJ, Zhou XD, Wang XL, Li F, Lu XD, Liu YG, Zhong YH, Yang HA, Ni SL. The classification of posterior petrous meningiomas and its clinical significance. J Int Med Res. 2009 May-Jun;37(3):949-57. PubMed PMID: 19589281.
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