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Postoperative anxiety

Multivariate conditional regression modelling taking into account the hierarchical relationship between risk factors revealed that postoperative anxiety was associated with ASA status III (OR = 1.48), history of smoking (1.62), moderate to intense postoperative pain (OR = 2.62) and high pain rating index (OR = 2.35), minor psychiatric disorders (OR = 1.87), pre-operative state-anxiety (OR = 2.65), and negative future perception (OR = 2.20). Neural block anaesthesia (OR = 0.72), systemic multimodal analgesia (OR = 0.62) and neuroaxial opioids with or without local anaesthesia (OR = 0.63) were found to be protective factors against postoperative anxiety 1).

Caumo W, Schmidt AP, Schneider CN, Bergmann J, Iwamoto CW, Adamatti LC, Bandeira D, Ferreira MB. Risk factors for postoperative anxiety in adults. Anaesthesia. 2001 Aug;56(8):720-8. PubMed PMID: 11493233.
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