Use of valproic acid during pregnancy is associated with a 1–2% risk of neural tube defect (NTD) 1).

Hydrocephalus and pregnancy

Meningioma and pregnancy

Radiologists must be familiar with the imaging findings of cerebrovascular complications and pathologic entities encountered during pregnancy and the puerperium. Ongoing improvements in understanding of molecular changes during pregnancy and the puerperium and advances in diagnostic tests should allow radiologists to continue to make important contributions to the care of this patient population 2).

see Glioma and pregnancy.

see MRI during pregnancy.

see Spine surgery during pregnancy.

In Caminero-Canas et al., experience with pregnant patients who suffered from neurosurgical lesion and in the experience they got from the revision of the related literature, the surgery of intracranial lesions is well tolerated by the mothers and the fetus. It must though be considered, the possibility of labor through cesarean depending on the fetus' lung maturity 3).

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