Neurosurgeons should be encouraged to publish in journals with high impact factor 1).

The h index is an index that attempts to measure both the productivity and impact of the published work of a scientist or scholar.

As you develop a research-and-publication strategy, think about how to align your research agenda with the rest of your life. Consider how you can conserve and generate energy and time. What conditions make you the most productive? Try to arrange your work environment so that those conditions are built into your life. Talk with your partner and your department chair about finding ways to protect your most productive time for research.

Becoming a successful researcher requires a large investment of time and energy. By making only minor adjustments in how and where you publish and present your research, you can become more productive, better known for your research, and better connected with the members of your professional community.

Jamjoom AB. Survey of h-index for neurosurgeons in Saudi Arabia. Neurosciences (Riyadh). 2015 Oct;20(4):392-395. doi: 10.17712/nsj.2015.4.20140735. PubMed PMID: 26492123.
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