Prognostic biomarker

A prognostic biomarker helps indicate how a disease may develop in an individual when a disorder is already diagnosed. The presence or absence of a prognostic marker can be useful for the selection of patients for treatment but does not directly predict the response to treatment.

Plasma cell-free DNA (cfDNA) concentration is a promising prognostic biomarker for patients with IDH wild-type glioblastoma. Plasma cfDNA can be obtained noninvasively and may enable more accurate estimates of survival and effective clinical trial stratification 1)

Bagley SJ, Till J, Abdalla A, Sangha HK, Yee SS, Freedman J, Black TA, Hussain J, Binder ZA, Brem S, Desai AS, O'Rourke DM, Long Q, Nabavizadeh SA, Carpenter EL. Association of plasma cell-free DNA with survival in patients with IDH wild-type glioblastoma. Neurooncol Adv. 2021 Jan 16;3(1):vdab011. doi: 10.1093/noajnl/vdab011. PMID: 33615225; PMCID: PMC7883768.
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