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 Department of Neurosurgery, Renmin Hospital of Wuhan University, Wuhan, China Department of Neurosurgery, Renmin Hospital of Wuhan University, Wuhan, China
-Wang J, Zhong Y, Zhu H, Mahgoub OK, Jian Z, Gu L, Xiong X. Different gender-derived gut microbiota influence stroke outcomes by mitigating inflammation. J Neuroinflammation. 2022 Oct 4;19(1):245. doi: 10.1186/s12974-022-02606-8. PMID: 36195899.+1: Wang J, Zhong Y, Zhu H, Mahgoub OK, Jian Z, Gu L, Xiong X. Different gender- 
 +derived gut microbiota influence stroke outcomes by mitigating inflammation. J 
 +Neuroinflammation. 2022 Oct 4;19(1):245. doi: 10.1186/s12974-022-02606-8. PMID: 
-----+2: Wei H, Han W, Tian Q, Yao K, He P, Wang J, Guo Y, Chen Q, Li M. A web-based 
 +dynamic nomogram for rupture risk of posterior communicating artery aneurysms 
 +utilizing clinical, morphological, and hemodynamic characteristics. Front 
 +Neurol. 2022 Sep 14;13:985573. doi: 10.3389/fneur.2022.985573. PMID: 36188369; 
 +PMCID: PMC9515426.
-HypothesisThe possible risk factors that lead to death in critical inpatients with coronavirus disease 2019 ([[COVID-19]]) are not yet fully understood.+3Cai J, Ye Z, Hu Y, Wang Y, Ye L, Gao L, Sun Q, Tong S, Sun Z, Yang J, Chen Q. 
 +FAIM2 is a potential pan-cancer biomarker for prognosis and immune infiltration. 
 +Front Oncol. 2022 Sep 14;12:998336. doi: 10.3389/fonc.2022.998336. PMID: 
 +36185230; PMCID: PMC9516132.
-MethodsIn this single-centerretrospective studywe enrolled 113 critical patients with COVID-19 from Renmin Hospital of Wuhan University between February 1, 2020 and March 15, 2020Patients who survived or died were compared.+4Yang DZhu MXiong X, Su Y, Zhao F, Hu Y, Zhang G, Pei J, Ding Y. Clinical 
 +features and prognostic factors in patients with microvascular infiltration of 
 +hepatocellular carcinoma: Development and validation of a nomogram and risk 
 +stratification based on the SEER databaseFront Oncol. 2022 Sep 14;12:987603. 
 +doi: 10.3389/fonc.2022.987603. PMID: 36185206; PMCID: PMC9515492.
-ResultsA total of 113 critical patients with COVID-19 were recruited; 50 (44.3%) diedand 63 (55.7%) recovered. The proportion of patients with ventricular arrhythmia was higher in the death group than in the recovery group (P = .021) and was higher among patients with myocardial damage than patients without myocardial damage (P = .013). Multivariate analysis confirmed independent predictors of mortality from COVID-19: age > 70 years (HR 1.8495% CI 1.03-3.28)initial neutrophil count over 6.5 × 109 /(HR 3.4395% CI 1.84-6.40)C-reactive protein greater than 100 mg/L (HR 1.9395% CI 1.04-3.59), and lactate dehydrogenase over 300 U/L (HR 2.90, 95% CI 1.26-6.67)Immunoglobulin treatment (HR 0.39, 95% CI 0.21-0.73) can reduce the risk of deathSinus tachycardia (HR 2.94, 95% CI 1.16-7.46) and ventricular arrhythmia (HR 2.79, 95% CI 1.11-7.04) were independent ECG risk factors for mortality from COVID-19.+5Tong SYe LXu YSun Q, Gao L, Cai JYe Z, Tian DChen Q. 
 +IRF2-ferroptosis related gene is associated with prognosis and EMT in gliomas. 
 +Transl Oncol2022 Sep 22;26:101544doi: 10.1016/j.tranon.2022.101544Epub 
 +ahead of printPMID: 36156371; PMCID: PMC9508157.
-ConclusionsOld age (>70 years), neutrophilia, C-reactive protein greater than 100 mg/L and lactate dehydrogenase over 300 U/L are high-risk factors for mortality in critical patients with COVID-19. Sinus tachycardia and ventricular arrhythmia are independent ECG risk factors for mortality from COVID-19 +6Su Z, Ye Y, Shen C, Qiu S, Sun Y, Hu S, Xiong X, Li Y, Li L, Wang H. 
-((Li L, Zhang S, He B, Chen X, Wang S, Zhao Q. Risk factors and electrocardiogram characteristics for mortality in critical inpatients with COVID-19. Clin Cardiol. 2020 Oct 22. doi: 10.1002/clc.23492. Epub ahead of print. PMID: 33094522.)).+Pathophysiology of Ischemic Stroke: Noncoding RNA Role in Oxidative Stress. Oxid 
 +Med Cell Longev. 2022 Sep 12;2022:5815843. doi: 10.1155/2022/5815843. PMID: 
 +36132228; PMCID: PMC9484962. 
 +7: Hu J, Huang H, Xi Z, Ma S, Ming J, Dong F, Guo H, Zhang H, Zhao E, Yao G, 
 +Yang L, Zhang F, Zheng W, Chen H, Huang T, Li L. LncRNA SEMA3B-AS1 inhibits 
 +breast cancer progression by targeting miR-3940/KLLN axis. Cell Death Dis. 2022 
 +Sep 19;13(9):800. doi: 10.1038/s41419-022-05189-7. PMID: 36123344; PMCID: 
 +8: Zhang CLiu HTan Y, Xu Y, Li Y, Tong S, Qiu S, Chen Q, Su Z, Tian D, Zhou 
 +W, Zhong C. MS4A6A is a new prognostic biomarker produced by macrophages in 
 +glioma patients. Front Immunol. 2022 Aug 9;13:865020. doi: 
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 +10: Guan W, Li S, Zhang Z, Xiao H, He J, Li J, He X, Luo J, Liu Y, Lei L, Ma J, 
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 +biomarker for prognosis of recurrence in patients with thymic epithelial tumors. 
 +Thorac Cancer. 2022 Sep 8. doi: 10.1111/1759-7714.14628. Epub ahead of print. 
 +PMID: 36073321. 
 +11: Cai J, Ye L, Hu Y, Ye Z, Gao L, Wang Y, Sun Q, Tong S, Yang J, Chen Q. 
 +Exploring the inverse association of glioblastoma multiforme and Alzheimer'
 +disease via bioinformatics analysis. Med Oncol. 2022 Sep 7;39(12):182. doi: 
 +10.1007/s12032-022-01786-w. PMID: 36071287. 
 +12: Ye Z, Zhang S, Cai J, Ye L, Gao L, Wang Y, Tong S, Sun Q, Wu Y, Xiong X, 
 +Chen Q. Development and validation of cuproptosis-associated prognostic 
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 +13: Chen X, Huang L, Cui L, Xiao Z, Xiong X, Chen C. Sodium-glucose 
 +cotransporter 2 inhibitor ameliorates high fat diet-induced hypothalamic- 
 +pituitary-ovarian axis disorders. J Physiol. 2022 Sep 1. doi: 10.1113/JP283259. 
 +Epub ahead of print. PMID: 36048516. 
 +14: Zhang G, Tao X, Ji B, Gong J. Hypoxia-Driven M2-Polarized Macrophages 
 +Facilitate Cancer Aggressiveness and Temozolomide Resistance in Glioblastoma. 
 +Oxid Med Cell Longev. 2022 Aug 22;2022:1614336. doi: 10.1155/2022/1614336. PMID: 
 +36046687; PMCID: PMC9423979. 
 +15: Bian H, Xiao L, Liang L, Xie Y, Wang H, Slevin M, Tu WJ, Wang G. Polydatin 
 +Prevents Neuroinflammation and Relieves Depression via Regulating 
 +Sirt1/HMGB1/NF-κB Signaling in Mice. Neurotox Res. 2022 Oct;40(5):1393-1404. 
 +doi: 10.1007/s12640-022-00553-z. Epub 2022 Aug 20. PMID: 35986876. 
 +16: Xiong J, Liao J, Liu X, Zhang Z, Adams J, Pacifici R, Ye K. A TrkB agonist 
 +prodrug prevents bone loss via inhibiting asparagine endopeptidase and 
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 +17: Guo R, Zhao Y, Jin H, Jian J, Wang H, Jin S, Ren H. Abnormal hubs in global 
 +network as neuroimaging biomarker in right temporal lobe epilepsy at rest. Front 
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 +35966487; PMCID: PMC9363580. 
 +18: Zhu H, Hu X, Feng S, Gu L, Jian Z, Zou N, Xiong X. Predictive value of 
 +PIMREG in the prognosis and response to immune checkpoint blockade of glioma 
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 +19: Tian Q, Liu S, Han SM, Zhang W, Qin XY, Chen JH, Liu CL, Guo YJ, Li MC. The 
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 +20: He W, Li C, Dong H, Shao L, Yin B, Li D, Ye L, Hu P, Zhang C, Yi W. Pallidus 
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 +Epub 2022 Jul 8. PMID: 35811067. 
 +24: Tang N, Chang J, Zeng Y, Zheng J. Retraction notice to "Tanshinone IIA 
 +protects hypoxia-induced injury by preventing microRNA-28 up-regulation in 
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