Sanbo Brain Hospital

Sanbo Brain Hospital is a Beijing-based chain hospital company. It operates six brain hospitals in Beijing, Chongqing, Kunming, Fuzhou and Jinan.

Beijing Sanbo Brain Hospital, founded by a group of national renowned neurosurgical experts in 2004, is an upper first-class private specialized neurological hospital, treating intracranial tumor, cerebrovascular diseases, functional neurosurgical diseases, epilepsy, spinal cord disease, children’s cerebral diseases, and pain syndrome. The Hospital is located at the foot of Xiangshan Mountain, a beautiful scenic area of Beijing, covering about 35 acres, equipped with 256 beds, with total investment of 140 Millions. With the characteristic of neuroscience especially associated with neurosurgery serving as a precursor, hospital is comprised of 6 Neurosurgery wards, 2 Neurology wards, pain center, anesthesiology department, 100-laminar flow operating rooms, radiation room, ICU laminar flow ward, radiology department, and pathology department and more corresponding Medical treatment and technical department equipped with first-class equipments. As an academic hospital, we put a high value in medical treatment, scientific research, and medical education.

Currently, Beijing Sanbo Brain Hospital is Eleventh Clinical School affiliated to the Capital Medical University; the Third Neurosurgery Department and Department of Nursing of College of Nursing; the National Clinical Key Specialty Construction Project; National Neurosurgeon Training Base for Ministry of Health of China; the Specialized Tertiary Neurological Hospital of Beijing and New Rural Cooperative Medical Care Facility; and the Clinical Practice and Training Base for China Association Against Epilepsy.

The mission of Beijing Sanbo Brain Hospital is to promote the development of neuroscience of China. The vision of our hospital is offering “unparalleled treatment, advanced training and medical research”. Our hospital is guided by the following operating principals “advanced technique, high quality, and patient-centered service”. For Beijing Sanbo Brain Hospital, advanced technique is the basic and key competitive factor to develop; high-quality medical services with reasonable price keep it alive and flourishing; patient-centered services contribute to its success in market competition. Each patient receives respect, care, and personalized and customized full range of services.

The hospital compose of a large pool of talent, centering on a group of national renowned neurologists, gathers a large group of medical elites from major hospitals, and constructs a medical team with different specialties and complementary advantages to forge ahead。Using minimally-invasive microscopic techniques, the international latest surgical technique, in neuroendoscopic surgery, image guided microsurgery and neurosurgical stereotactic operation. The method employed in the treatment of gliomas and craniopharyngioma achieves the world-class and domestic leading level.

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