The SF-36 has become the most widely used measure of general health in clinical studies throughout the world. It currently generates eight dimension scores and two summary scores for physical and mental health. Whilst such scores provide an excellent means for judging the effectiveness of health care interventions, they have only a limited application in economic evaluation because they are not based on preferences.

The SF-6D provides a means for using the SF-36 and SF-12 in economic evaluation by estimating a preference-based single index measure for health from these data using general population values. The SF-6D allows the analyst to obtain quality-adjusted life years (QALYs) from the SF-36 for use in cost utility analysis.

What is the SF-6D?

The SF-6D is a classification for describing health derived from a selection of SF-36 items. It is composed of six multi-level dimensions. Any patient who completes the SF-36 or the SF-12 can be uniquely classified according to the SF-6D. The SF-6D describes 18,000 health states in all.

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