Skin Preparation

The surgical skin prep shall be performed using an Infection Prevention and Control Program approved antiseptic agent.

Antiseptic Solutions

Whenever possible the recommendation is for use of a Chlorhexidine-Alcohol prepping solution; however factors to be considered in the selection of a preoperative skin antiseptic agent include, but are not limited to:


 Condition of involved area.

 Number and/or types of contaminants

 The characteristics of the skin to be cleansed/disinfected

 General physical condition of the patient

 The written review of the manufacturer’s information

 The surgeon’s preference

 The agent should be non-irritating, non-toxic, easily applied

Antiseptic agents shall:

 have any unused portion of opened bottles, not containing preservative (ie. 4% alcohol) immediately discarded after use

 be dated if containing preservative (ie. 4% alcohol). Bottles shall be discarded after 30 days or per manufacturer’s recommendations

 not be warmed (unless recommended by manufacturer), as this may alter the chemical properties and equilibrium of the solution causing burns

 be applied by non-scrubbed personnel

 be applied in a manner to prevent pooling:

o in skin creases

o under the patient

o around/below a tourniquet

o under an electrosurgical dispersive electrode; or o near EKG electrodes; and

 not remove surgical site markings when surgical skin prep is performed.


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