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Skin Preparation

The surgical skin prep shall be performed using an Infection Prevention and Control Program approved antiseptic agent.

Antiseptic Solutions

Antiseptic Solutions

Whenever possible the recommendation is for use of a Chlorhexidine-Alcohol prepping solution; however factors to be considered in the selection of a preoperative skin antiseptic agent include, but are not limited to:


 Condition of involved area.

 Number and/or types of contaminants

 The characteristics of the skin to be cleansed/disinfected

 General physical condition of the patient

 The written review of the manufacturer’s information

 The surgeon’s preference

 The agent should be non-irritating, non-toxic, easily applied

Antiseptic agents shall:

 have any unused portion of opened bottles, not containing preservative (ie. 4% alcohol) immediately discarded after use

 be dated if containing preservative (ie. 4% alcohol). Bottles shall be discarded after 30 days or per manufacturer’s recommendations

 not be warmed (unless recommended by manufacturer), as this may alter the chemical properties and equilibrium of the solution causing burns

 be applied by non-scrubbed personnel

 be applied in a manner to prevent pooling:

o in skin creases

o under the patient

o around/below a tourniquet

o under an electrosurgical dispersive electrode; or o near EKG electrodes; and

 not remove surgical site markings when surgical skin prep is performed.


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